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Custom Business Insights

MHA's Custom Business Insights (CBI) Reports is a plug-and-play tool that provides an easy button to data-driven performance with cutting-edge custom analytical tools. Listen to MHA's Senior Consultant, Hannah Echols, on how the CBI Reports set a new standard in data confidence. Learn more on how MHA can help your agency with Custom Business Insights at or at
  • In terms of data, what do agencies need to see on a daily basis and why?
  • How do agencies organize KPIs?
  • What kinds of problems occur with multiple sources of data?
  • What is data confidence?
  • What is the CBI Reports (Suite of Reports)?
  • Why choose MHA, as opposed to any other solution?

If you would like to learn more about MHA's Custom Business Insights, reach out to
Custom Business Insights

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